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If you are looking for the best expertise of angular Js development in Bangalore, we welcome you to be part of our services. We are the top angular development company in Bangalore focused on providing best services for our established clients as well as emerging startups for years. We believe in a simple and user-friendly single page application for your business. Our company provides cost effective and flexible angular development solutions to boost dynamic websites and our developers are well known with all the modern technologies in the field . Get the best development solutions for your business with our expertise hiring models and custom angular components.

AngularJS Product Design and Development Services

SeekNEO dwells on perfection. Our team of tech savvy developers and creative designers in Bangalore follow a strict protocol of ideation, conceptualization, UI and UX design, followed by development and testing, ensuring that your business’ mobile and/or web application is the best Angular based application in the market.
As one of the leading Digital Marketing and web-app development companies in Bangalore, we ensure your product is designed and developed to drive sales and increase user engagement. Looking for high performance AngularJS web development services? Reach out to the best Angular based Web development company in Bangalore now!

Good of Using Angular Js for web development

Whether your Business is a startup or an established enterprise, AngularJS 5 is more reliable, agile and secure for application development. Developed and maintained by Google, AnuglarJS is a structural framework for dynamic web applications. With AngularJS Developers can use HTML as the template language and extend HTML syntax to express the components of the application clearly and concisely.

Stress-free MVC implementation
Development- friendly data model
Two-way data binding
Best Js for Single-Page Applications
Apt for Test-first approach
Solutions for every budget.

Why choose Angular development services?

Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework originally developed and actively supported by Google Following the best development patterns and practices of the framework, SeekNEO Angular builds robust and secure solutions that attract your customers and deliver the best user experience. It makes Angular development the first choice for reliable real-time single-page apps and frontend web and mobile apps development.
User Profiling

Our team of experts make it a point to understand the end user persona. This helps us model the UI and UX design to ensure the user gets the best experience.

UI UX Design

Once the persona is designed, we design the UX of the mobile and/or web application to establish the activity flow. Our primary goal is to take the user from start to destination with no hassle.

Performance Oriented

Our team of experienced Angular developers in Bangalore know how to balance aesthetics with performance. We ensure the end product is packed with all functionality without affecting performance or visuals.

Performance Oriented

Our team of experienced Angular developers in Bangalore know how to balance aesthetics with performance. We ensure the end product is packed with all functionality without affecting performance or visuals.

Ideation to Launch

SeekNEO becomes your technology partner, involving ourselves right from the ideation process to the launch of the AngularJS based application.

Security First

Most mobile and web-apps today incorporate payment gateways and collection of private data. With this enormous responsibility, you product needs to be secured. We ensure it is.


Our AngularJS Web Development capabilities include:

  • Migration Services
  • User Interactive App Development
  • Plug-ins Development
  • AngularJS Web Application Development
  • Custom AngularJS Development
  • AngularJS App Development
  • E-commerce Application Development
  • Interactive Real-Time Apps

The Benefits of Angular on Web Front End:

Angular is an advantageous framework for development from both business and development standpoints. It can not only help in working productively in various back-end languages but also helps in combining the business logic and UI. Let us go through the benefits the framework comes
The vast library of Angular components creates a space where the opportunity for team collaboration can take place. As it is used for Single Page Applications, the page gets loaded dynamically, which in turn improves the website’s speed. It also makes the process of debugging and browsing or navigating through the website easier.

A Cross-platform Development:

web application solution, the framework allows the developers to structure the application in a way that it can be run across multiple platforms. The framework is widely utilised in native-like mobile applications. With more enterprises trying to build cross-platform solutions, Angular works here as a wonder as it enables the imitation of real native apps. By amalgamating different capabilities that come with TypeScript and Angular, a developer can easily create a solution that works across different platforms.

A High-quality Application:

Angular is one complex platform as it has many structural elements such as Injectors, Components, Pipes, Services, etc. These components are a big plus as it allows the developers to create anything you think of. The comprehensive set of built-in features in Angular makes the application very high in quality.

Enhances Speed as well as Performance:

The diverse capabilities of the Angular framework, take the matter of template syntax, routers or CLI, etc, for example, makes the work of development easier. The application of such elements makes the work easier and enables quick loading. Moreover, the framework is highly compatible with the different backend languages that allow the display of the gathered data in the UI with ease.

Technical Benefits:

Angular comes with many technical benefits. Starting from detailed documentation to having the Angular command-line interface that makes the developer’s job easy, from having a two-way data binding, to having differential loading which allows the creation of two kinds of bundles, the technical benefits that Angular comes with are indescribable.

Offered by the Search Giant Google

The search giant Google is the provider and the sponsor of AngularJS. That in itself provides a reason for confidence in the framework. You can trust its robustness and obvious higher visibility.

AngularJS is comprehensive

The latest HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript MVC are roped into AngularJS. Its outstanding features which include REST Easy, MVVM to the Rescue, Data Binding and Dependency Injection, extended HTML, enterprise-level testing etc. enable the AngularJS application developers to construct robust data-driven websites.

Commitment to Service Delivery Excellence

Website Design

Experience a professional environment, where we bring your business visions to reality with creative website designs. We offer nothing short of brilliance and our 1250+ web designing projects speak for themselves!

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Digital Marketing

As the top Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore, we offer multiservice digital solutions under one roof. The digital marketing strategies we provide are top-tier services that guarantee excellent results for our clients. Regardless of the size of the organization

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Mobile Apps Development

We seek to provide clients with the best UI/UX designs, IoT and AI based app solutions. As a prominent application developer, we have always strived to create dynamic and immersive apps with latest development techniques.

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Ecommerce Development

eCommerce websites are in trend today due to people’s demands and preferences. Ecommerce platforms offer products & services to customers in the virtual environment. SeekNEO is one of the renowned eCommerce website development companies in Bangalore that offer the finest strategies for delivering nothing but the best e-commerce solutions to our esteemed clients.

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Software Development

The development of reliable and scalable software solutions for any OS, browser and device. We bring together deep industry expertise and the latest IT advancements to deliver custom solutions and products that perfectly fit the needs and behavior of their users.

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Graphics Design

Today’s world is competitive where graphic design and web graphics attract customer attention within seconds. So you need to carve your own identity to stand out of the crowd. SeekNEO – being one of the leading graphic design company in Bangalore.

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Web Development

A highly interactive and fully-functional website is needed for your business to keep it on the right track. Be it helping sustain the fast-paced competition, increasing brand name, highlighting products and services among customers, or increasing sales and revenue, a website serves your business in multiple ways.

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