Want to increase your sales at fast speed? Then you are at right place. PPC Advertising provides you an opportunity to pay for the top positions on search engines and appear on relevant websites instantly. Once the PPC campaigns are successfully setup. Then our PPC experts continuously monitor and optimize the campaigns which in turn can increase your sales upto 10 folds for Identifying your customers, analyze their behavior and target them appropriately makes us different from other companies.

So, How do We Work?

At Bangalore SeekNEO , Our expert PPC Company can help you boost your brands potential, generate enquiries, and make you stand out from the crowd. Most business people have now heard of Search Engine Optimization, but because of the time overhead, very few are embracing it as a strategy.Search Engine Optimization is a technique that generates leads organically. The best solution for both lead generation and branding is nothing but the proper utilization of SEO techniques. SeekNEO IT SolutionS in Bangalore offers the best of Search Engine Optimization techniques that are developed by our dedicated SEO experts that ensure maximum leads for your business.

Increased Quality Traffic Inflow.
User-Friendly Website.
Top Website Ranking.
Expert SEO Consultants.
Fully Transparent Reporting.
Up-To-Date Knowledge.


SeekNEO is known as the best PPC COMPANY IN BANGALORE Company in Bangalore. We do all types of PPC COMPANY IN BANGALORE to our customers according to their needs. As Social Media marketing is a popular component in every part of the world. We work on creating quality content for each and every SMM platform to attract the attention of customers to your Business. Information spread through Social media carries more value as a trusted source than professional ad campaigns. The SMM team in percoyo creates and design your Campaigns to increase in business.

Top Pay Per Click agency bangalore

"SeeKNEO" s best (Pay Per Click) PPC Company in Bangalore known for their hard work and dedication towards making their customers business a success by delivering high ROI(Return Of Investment) through constant monitoring, optimizing of keywords and improvement of strategies. Clients from across the world trust us with their PPC Campaigns. As we have always strived hard to never let that trust down. PPC(Pay Per Click) advertising by Percoyo is an especially superior method of internet advertising which increases your visibility online. Our professional staff frequently studies the market and your ideal customer in order to place the Ads, particularly where potential customers are most likely to see them.

Scope of our Digital Marketing Services

  • On-Page & Off-Page Optimization
  • Website SEO Audit
  • Keyword Strategy
  • Local SEO
  • Website Optimization

We will identify and replace broken links, build high-quality & relevant backlinks, and craft rich website content to ensure that your website is ranked at the top of the page for targeted keywords. We ensure you see sustained results over a long time and build trust with your targeted customers.

At SeekNEO, we conduct an in-depth analysis of your website, your competition, and the market to help you understand where your website stands. We identify what is exactly holding back your business and provide a tailored SEO strategy that meets your metrics, budget, and target audience.

We will audit your website to determine the value of your keywords, and map your audience’s journey to understand their intent. We will then propose an effective keyword strategy to optimize your website with words & phrases that will convert your target audience into a buyer..

If you are a local business, you want to be found by local customers. As part of our SEO services, our expert team will develop a targeted SEO campaign to attract & increase traffic, and get conversions from local consumers in your specific service areas.

At SeekNEO, we will optimize your website’s architecture and links to make the pages of your website easier to find and navigate by your target customers and search engine crawlers, thus improving your website’s page rank on Google’s search results.

What We Offer

We are a full house Digital Marketing based in Bangalore providing Web Services, Social Media Marketing, Mobile App, Web Design & Web Development. Being one of the top web companies in Bangalore We promise time-bound services to our clients and support them in developing a winning plan of action for their businesses through innovative technologies. We at SeekNEO feel in the passion for bringing more with a merciless search of triumph, SeekNEO begins where other agencies stop.
Digital Marketing

If someone can’t find you in search engine results, you don’t exist. It’s as simple as that. It doesn’t matter if you’ve built the nicest looking website anyone has ever seen. It doesn’t matter if the content on your site is the best thing ever written.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing is used primarily by nonprofit organizations, charity foundations, public highway departments, and government agencies. It’s also utilized by emergency services, such as police and fire departments. Some commercial organizations also occasionally use social marketing strategies.

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Content Marketing

Continually unleash strategic deliverables via customer directed imperatives. Holisticly incentivize market-driven internal or “organic” sources with value-added opportunities, and seamlessly expedite cooperative collaboration and idea–sharing through web–enabled intellectual capital. Seriously, what does that even mean? Last time we checked, most of the people online were humans.

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Pay Per Click

We are the highest PPC management company in bangalore that helps to extend your digital footprints with a tailor-made strategic set up as well as vital keywords, exclusive landing to that your Pay Per Click ads can direct traffic to.

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Seo Copy Writing

Keyword analysis could be a core SEO task that involves distinctive common words and phrases folks enter into search engines -make in an effort to work out what to rank for. Researching keywords offers marketers a far better understanding of however high the demand is certainly keywords and the way exhausting it might be to compete for those terms within the organic search results, providing some direction to optimisation efforts.

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Link Building

SeekNEO is that the Best whole consulting company In bangalore that provides whole challenges and creating strategy-related whole selections like how to approach complete design strategy Some will concentrate on whole equity measurement and whole licensing and extension.

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