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The entire point of shopping online is to make purchases without needing to interact with anyone – and doing so at our convenience. Like while waiting in a 2 hour traffic jam in DC… So there we are. Sitting in our car. Parked on I-95. For 15 minutes so far. After our futile cursing has subsided, we remember that we need two tickets to that thing we like. Since we’re parked, might as well do some shopping, right? It’s just the responsible thing to do! We turn off the car and settle in to contribute to the economy. Out comes our handy mobile device and we ask the great Google to tell us where discount tickets to that thing we like can be purchased. “I’m feeling lucky.” BAM!! We’re instantly served a great site: “Tempting Tickets Emporium.” They sell tickets to things we like at discount prices. But what’s this? We can’t actually purchase tickets on their site? We have to call and talk to a sales rep who is going to try to pressure us into buying the super deluxe open season pass extreme? Umm… yeaaa… We’re just gonna head over here to your competitor’s site, and buy them there. Have a nice day! That’s just how it is today. It used to be “cool” to have an online store, now it’s just expected. E-commerce is critical if you’re in business online. Yes, we know it’s intimidating. You need to manage inventory, process credit cards, learn arcane and insanely complicated shopping cart interfaces and then – the REAL kicker – you have to comply with all the crazy state sales tax and privacy laws! Thankfully, the fine folks at Seekneo are here to help. Just and we’ll help walk you through everything you need to know.

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