All Inclusive Solutions for Diversified Ecommerce

In this competitive world, every business needs to stay ahead of the curve. It demands customized, professional, and enterprise-grade eCommerce mobile app and web development services. We, at SeekNEO, blend our ecommerce development proficiency with advanced and latest technologies to dig-out the crucial requirements of the clients across industries globally.
A leading eCommerce development company, SeekNEO, offers the best eCommerce development services with the required technical consultations and the development plans for their exceptional needs.
We are the mostly-chosen eCommerce development company holding proven knowledge in eCommerce web design and web development. We have a team of experienced eCommerce developers who offer the best eCommerce Development services to build successful eCommerce development platforms. We target on developing the top eCommerce websites that may deliver the required results.

Mobile and SEO Friendly.
It Looks Professional & Secure
Product Management
Customization Options
Currency and Language Support
Custom Integrations & Ease of Maintenance

Supporting Distinct Ecommerce Solutions

Along with our e-commerce development and IT technology experts, we assist our clients in driving their customer satisfaction and make their brand speak aloud in the e-commerce market.
B2B or B2C Marketplace

We hold the potential to set up successful B2B or B2C eCommerce marketplaces that are customized as per the needs of the brand. Hire eCommerce developers to build fully-featured eCommerce websites suiting your taste. Get fully responsive websites showcasing multiple-product images, ease category management, and are 100% customizable with our ecommerce web development services.

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Online Store Development

Being a top e-commerce development company, we manage distinct online store projects of varied complexities and in many domains, be they expertise in capital or consumer goods, media distribution, food delivery, public, or business services.

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Auction & Bidding Platform

We aid various e-commerce businesses in expanding their trading experience all through online bidding and auctions portals. Our skilled solutions allow the owners of the portals to arrange various sorts of auctions, organize bid items, and more.

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eCommerce Aggregators

We render a perfect solution to attract various vendors and unite their offerings within an akin category. Our proficient teams implement e-commerce aggregators to allow our clients to present and handle distinct brands easily.

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Ticketing and Booking Solutions

We are also involved in crafting and implementing complicated solutions being the best e-commerce development service provider, to shape ticketing and booking activities easy and comfortable for the customers globally.

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Social e-commerce Development

Our teams of eCommerce development experts hold the skills to embed the modules perfectly for social shopping on our clients’ websites. For our esteemed clients, we have also crafted peer-to-peer buying platforms robustly.

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User-friendly and Highly Responsive E-commerce Platform

We, being one of the top e-commerce website development company in Bangalore, India, we know how to create the most secure and ingenious e-commerce platforms. Our customers are a priority for us and we cater to their services with an in-depth knowledge of the current market trends.

08+ Years of Experience

With the high usage of the internet, it is a must for businesses to engage people with their offerings online. A highly responsive and user-friendly e-commerce platform for online selling and buying business will work wonderfully enhancing ROI and customer engagement. SeekNEO strives to create robust customized online websites for worldwide audiences with the help of most updated technologies and popular e-commerce platforms. We are well aware of all the development trends of every industry functioning worldwide and deliver customized

Best E-Commerce Websites Designing, Bangalore

SeekNEO believes in creating clean and efficiently functioning e-commerce solutions in Bangalore solutions to deliver hassle-free responsive online stores and apps which are compatible across all devices including iOS and Android platforms. Our skilled team is single-minded people who work closely with our clients to build scalable and robust online stores both web development company and mobile.
Comprehensive is a must-have for businesses. With an online selling and buying platform, sellers, as well as buyers, get a wonderful opportunity to showcase their offerings in the form of products and services. A fully integrated online platform will help in attaining a higher conversion rate with increased brand awareness.

Our E-commerce Solutions in Bangalore, India

  • Magento 2 E-commerce Development
  • WooCommerce Development
  • On-Demand Platforms for E-commerce Development

Our robust B2B and B2C Magento development services aids businesses of any size with a highly-responsive online selling and buying platform. As a leading e-commerce Magento development company in India, we work on the tailor-made requirements and enable an updated website version with the help of our skillful Magento developers.

A part of WordPress, WooCommerce is of great use for designing an online e-commerce platform that delivers a better experience for e-store owners with a modern and clean interface. We incorporate a variety of features like automated tax calculation, geo-location features, smooth checkout process, and robust e-commerce plugins that enrich WooCommerce websites. We provide services to businesses of any size, from small, to medium, start-ups to large-sized- businesses.

We help you empower the end consumers with the best shopping experiences, we enable varied businesses to generate modules-specific platforms, including Drupal/Prestashop for the development. We create responsive websites with rich and latest features of the open-source e-commerce platforms. This helps you in obtaining high conversions and business revenues through a successful e-commerce platform. Be it UI/UX, module development, website customization, app development, or shopping cart development, maintenance, migration, or e-commerce store development, we excel in all..

Our End-to-End e-commerce Services in Bangalore

We deliver the most stable, secure, and versatile Industry solution for improving your eCommerce experiences. With our eCommerce development services, you can achieve infinite possibilities to Develop, Innovate, and Expand your business.
Custom Website Design for E-commerce

Our e-commerce design company Bangalore will help you stay top among your competitive fellas as we provide an attractive and engaging website, designed so aptly that makes it possible for users to leverage all the features

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Customized E-Commerce Store in India

Our secure e-commerce web development services in India are customizable that offer solutions to meet all the client’s requirements.

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Shopping Cart Development in India

We have expertise in creating robust and feature-rich shopping carts that have been proving to enhance business conversions and revenue.

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E-Commerce Marketplace Services in India

We render development services in India for e-commerce marketplace for all enterprises running on multi-platform selling models worldwide.

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Module and Plugin Development for E-commerce

We can help in enriching your e-commerce stores easily with high-end plugins and module development and facilitate advanced functionalities.

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Highly Responsive E-commerce Development

We build responsive e-commerce websites for you to deliver user-friendly experiences irrespective of the kind of device used to operate the platform.

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E-Commerce Application Development

Our e-commerce mobile apps are easy to download, install and use; all apps are handy and available on fingertips that increase the business visibility chances.

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Secure Payment Gateways

Our multiple payment gateways integration into the e-commerce stores development allow secure and reliable online transactions.

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Maintenance and Support

We offer around the clock maintenance and support e-commerce services in India for ensuring smooth and flawless e-commerce experiences for all.

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Frequently asked question (FAQ)

When will my online store go live?
While an online store set up on a simple off-the-shelf solution can go live in a couple of weeks, a bigger & feature-rich platform can take some months for the first launch. Keeping in mind the final list of features and design goals, get a specific idea of how much time it will take for your online store to go live. If someone quotes a really short time while promising an Amazon-like store, then, think thrice before signing on the agreement.
What SEO best practices do you follow while building an ecommerce store?
SEO helps sites rank higher on Google and hence your online store must be developed keeping in mind the latest SEO norms. Ignoring SEO while developing your e-store will hamper its performance and growth in the long run. Hence, test shortlisted ecommerce development firms or developers on their SEO knowledge.
Which development methodologies do you work with?
Top-rated ecommerce developers work with methodologies like Minimum Viable Product and Proof of Concept to test the technical dependency before diving deeper and investing further. Such processes also help validate the product idea without pumping a lot of resources and time into it. In short, your partner ecommerce development firm should be familiar with such development methodologies and processes.
Will my ecommerce store be easily scalable with my business?
Technology is everything when it comes to building an online store. It happens very often that entrepreneurs start their online stores with a solution that is not scalable with their business and later on have to rebuild everything. Hence, this is something that requires all the attention you can give. Top ecommerce development firms understand this and their products are highly scalable horizontally as well as vertically.
What type of ecommerce websites have you developed in the recent past?
Online stores come in all shapes and sizes. While some e-commerce platforms are setup using SaaS based solutions and some are based on off-the-shelf solutions, others are built from scratch using modern technologies like PHP and MySQL. Hence, it is important to confirm what kind of stores your ecommerce development partner has delivered in the recent past.
Will your online store bring enhanced mobile performance?
Today, products are discovered on mobile devices, and hence having a mobile-friendly online store is highly critical. Mobile-ready websites are also Google-friendly and help in ranking higher than competitors. This is why you should ask potential website developers to confirm expertise in mobile-friendly ecommerce websites.
Can you show me your portfolio?
Going through the portfolio of shortlisted ecommerce website developers will help you identify their design style, development expertise, and ecommerce philosophy. While experienced developers have a vast array of projects to show, it is quite possible that NDAs restrict the firm from sharing some of the most challenging work done. In such cases, it makes sense to gather details through comprehensive discussions.
What’s your design and development process?
Top-rated ecommerce developers use a comprehensive design and development process that includes requirement gathering, initial planning, design mockups, development, review, deployment, and support. You must be an active participant in each and every step of the development. Anyone who misses any of the mentioned doesn’t follow what’s must for delivering a powerful online store. Long story short, ask plenty of questions regarding their work process.
Will you build a custom online store or use a ready solution?
A design and development team can deliver custom design, use a pre-designed template, or combine both when designing your ecommerce store. Online stores built from scratch using modern development technologies are powerful, scalable, and slightly expensive. Stores built on SaaS solutions can be launched super quickly but falter as your store grows.
What kind of support can I expect after the store launch?
If you are not hands-on with ecommerce websites, then, you will need plenty of after-sales support. This will help you in resolving bugs, making design changes, and improve newly-built processes. Leading ecommerce development firms offer at least 4 months of support for mid-sized online stores and upto 12 months of free support for any technical issues caused by their own development.

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