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Seekneo can help you avoid the spam folder.
The guys at Seekneo are down with email marketing. They’ve put together their share of targeted email campaigns. Heck, these guys are so good that a local email marketing service provider (which shall remain nameless to protect the innocent) hires them on a regular basis to create custom email newsletter templates. Do you know how to code your templates just perfectly so that they will safely avoid being mangled by Gmail or Outlook 2007? We do, and we can help your messages arrive safely and legibly in your clients’ inboxes. Are you familiar with all of the federal CAN–SPAM regulations? We are, and we would like to help keep you out of prison. Do you know which email service provider is the best for your needs? We’ve used plenty of them, and we can point you in the right direction. Heck, we’ve even got our own offering for newsletter marketing aptly named NewsBeat. NewsBeat allows you to send your own e-mail campaigns simply by choosing one of our existing templates or designing your own. Just enter your content, create a recipient list, and deliver amazing results!
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