Healthcare Software
Seekneo brings to you another of its services, a service that we are a pro at and one that can save millions of lives and give hopes to millions of hopeless hearts. Premium health Solutions and Services is still a dream for many, and even if they have the option of getting best quality heath solutions, but time and location work as the biggest constraint. In the fast moving life with all the hustles and bustles going on, where people don’t even have time to take a breath of peace, finding time to go to a completely different place for getting checked-up by the best doctors of the country, appears as the most insane thought for most people. But that never stops these health enemies to attack us. With the increasing pollution and global warming, there has been a constant hike in the health issues of all and with it has emerged the need of getting the best consultation and proper health care for all.
  • Pharmacy Management system
  • Hospital Management System
  • Clinic Management system
  • Laboratory Management system
  • Appointment Management system
  • Billing Management system
  • Expense Management system
Advantages of Hospital Management software
  • Keep track of all the doctors and staff
  • Generate bill just by selecting the patient name
  • Keep track of the patient’s visits
  • Accounts
  • Medicine stock maintenance
  • Reports categorised by patients/treatment based/doctor based/outpatient
  • Keeping track on patient medications