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PHONEGAP Framework may be a library of UI elements, that are reusable components that function the building blocks for associate application. PHONEGAP elements are designed with web standards exploitation hypertext markup language, CSS, and JavaScript. tho’ the elements are pre-built, they are designed from the bottom up to be extremely customizable thus apps will build every element their own, permitting every app to own its own look and feel. a lot of specifically, PHONEGAP elements is simply themed to globally amendment look across a complete app. For a lot of info regarding customizing the design.

Platform Continuity may be a integral feature of PHONEGAP Framework that permits app developers to use a similar code base for multiple platforms. each PHONEGAP element adapts its look to the platform on that the app is running on. as an example, Apple devices, like the iPhone and iPad, use Apple’s own iOS design language. Similarly, android devices use Google’s design language known as Material style.

Traditional web apps use a linear history, which means that the user navigates forward to a page and may hit the rear button to navigate back. an example of this can be clicking around Wikipedia wherever the user goes forward and backward on the browser’s linear history stack.

In distinction, mobile apps usually utilize parallel, “non-linear” navigation. for instance, a tabbed interface can have separate navigation stacks for every tab, ensuring the user never loses their place as they navigate and switch between tabs. PHONEGAP apps embrace this mobile navigation approach, supporting parallel navigation histories that may even be nested, all whereas maintaining the familiar browser-style navigation ideas web developers are familiar with. Native Access

PHONEGAP App Development Company
  • UI Components.
  • Platform Continuity.
  • Navigation.
  • Native Access.
  • High Performance
  • Theming.
  • Declarative UI
  • Simplified MVC Pattern
  • Modular Structure
  • Ease of Maintenance
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