Hospital Management Advance Software (HMAS)

SeeKNEO Hospital Management Software (HMS) is designed for any Hospital to replace their existing manual, paper based system. Our software targets to provide end to end solution for big and small Hospital .Software can be use for any Hospital, Clinic, Diagnostics or Pathology labs to maintaining patient details and their other results. It Integrates the entire Resources of a Hospital into One Integrated Web Application And make flow of data easy to help to further.

Hospital staff as well as their communication with patients. Healthcare management software has important changed during the last decades. Latest technologies, devices, apps and expertise of healthcare are key elements for the implementation of this Hospital management System . Our Hospital management software system is designed in such a way to control all the aspects of the healthcare operations.

System offers to serve both medium to massive sized hospitals and improve profitability. hospital administration software help in simplify the work of healthcare professionals as well as their communication with patients. Our hospital management system covers the services that simplify the work of Hospital management software is focused on providing the soft experience of patients, staff and health care facility authorities. Quality and security will always remain the principle standards of the medical organization.

hospital management software
HMAS Module Includes Following Management System
Key Features of Hospital Management Advance Software
hospital management system
  • Multi Branch
  • Large, Medium,Small Hospitals
  • Multi currency
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Compatible with any Windows 7 or higher
  • Multi language
  • Multi Login & Dashboard
  • Clinics And Laboratory Management
  • User friendly
  • Advanced technologies
  • Easy to Customize software
  • Easy Access To Patient Data
  • Easy Access To Patient Data
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Reduces Scope of Error
  • Increased Data Security & Retrieve-ability
  • Improved Patient Care
  • Improve data security
  • Better revenue management
Benefits of Using Hospital Management Advance Softwares

Seekneo hospital management software can manage all tasks, The segment of a Healthcare management software can be picked and combined in the general system that addresses the issues and standards of the healthcare industry as well as quality standards. One of the fundamental requirements of the hospital administration is security.

Every medical records have to be secured and only access for permitted users. It hope to you make your Hospital the board working paperless. Our Software Help you to puts the majority of the information identifying with staff, specialists, medical clinic or patients under one platform.

Our Hospital Management Software gives you a chance to achieve extraordinary quality scores as far as organization benefits that incorporate administration of patient information, prescription, and other such reports.

Healthcare management systems can be used by everyone in healthcare organization ranging from patients to clinicians to even public health officials. SeekNEO IT Solutions developed software for hospital,clinics,laboratories at equitable price in India, Middle east, USA and other European countries too.

Hospital information system



HIMS Software successfully delivered the right product to our Hospital and have exceeded our expectation. We are getting good technical supports and training to our employees are really appreciate-able. We are using this product more than a year and continue getting the updates. Thank you for the team of SeeKNEO.

Dr.Rangantha ( Manipal Hospital )