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Continually unleash strategic deliverables via customer directed imperatives. Holisticly incentivize market-driven internal or “organic” sources with value-added opportunities, and seamlessly expedite cooperative collaboration and idea–sharing through web–enabled intellectual capital. Seriously, what does that even mean? Last time we checked, most of the people online were humans. They typically read at a high school level in their native language. They tend not to understand corporate mumbo–jumbo or things that were obviously written for search engines. So why do people put copy like that on their websites? We don’t know, and we certainly don’t recommend it. The guys at Seekneo like simple copy written for real people.

Do you see anything on this site that sounds like a post–doctoral research paper? We didn’t think so. We certainly won’t do anything like that for your site either. Want us to edit your text to make it more search engine friendly? No problem. Want us to start from scratch and write every word on your site? We can do that too. Just

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