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We at SeekNEO designing team have 3 teams situated in 3 different locations to provide the best designing as per our client’s requirement. Our expertise team can create any type of a website from static personal website to 3D site.

We have 7+ years of experience with a team of 20+ website designers and developers who take care of project management from design to delivery.

We are one among the standard Website development company in bangalore with a team of skilled markup language Developers focused on latest XML integrations; Today -

ouR ApproaCH

At SeekNEO, the leading web design agency in Bangalore, we create responsive websites, an expert website is that the foundation of a robust presence within the internet, these days markup language has additionally enabled us to create your website compatible to iPhone,IPad and different mobile applications.

SeekNEO Team Always Makes Use Of Our Customized Web Solutions That Enable Us To Be Different From Other Web Agency In The Market. We Committed In Not Just In Giving Your Web application A Professional Feel But Also In Driving Your Potential Customers Together.


  • The first stage of the process is the planning phase which contains finding the target audience for your products or services


  • The third stage is our good web designer will start to identify the website design projects to be built with HTML, CSS or content management system based websites from the gathered information.


  • The second stage is the website layout approval, once we get approval we will move to the next stage of the web design process.


  • The final stage is the building a website, custom website design, website graphics design, quality content update, user interface and user experience, page loading speed optimization, SEO-friendly responsive web design development, web hosting management etc.

What you should expect from Website Development Company?

Structured Website Flow

Well structured website resolves 50% technical issues prior development. Developer should provide wireframe detailing website structure before starting website design.

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Superfast Page Loading

Site Speed & page loading time are critical factors for a website to provide good user experience & keep website users engaged with your business..

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Responsive Web Design

More than 50% website traffic comes from mobile. Designing website for mobile compatibility is your right. Speak with your web designer prior starting web designing..

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Optimised Content for Search Engines

Engaging & eye catching content with sufficient keywords for your business is essential. Web developer should collaborate with marketing team for better outcome of website concerning SEO.

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Website Design Services in Bangalore

Clients should be well aware about the phases of website development to help tracking more easier. We offer you a platform to track your website development process periodically & stay in touch with team. We facilitate you an option to raise any concerns during website development process & resolve it instantly.

SeeKNEO is a leading Website Development Company in Bangalore and we promise to deliver comprehensive, planned and unique Website development services depending upon the client’s’ requirements
Our services range from custom website design to development of complex enterprise Web applications. Our Web development services support guaranteed high-quality, consistent and cost-effective results to maximize clients’ competitive advantage and productivity.
As a leading Web Development company in Bangalore, we follow an Agile methodology of Website design and development with constant interaction with the clients throughout the development process to ensure them with the best web development service.
SeeKNEO is a complete Digital Solutions company and we know that your website needs to be developing strategies to ensure unique positioning across the digital platform to deliver effective interactive communication to stay ahead in this competitive market.
Website Development is an integrated process which encompasses a dedicated methodology to develop a website over the internet which amalgamates fulfilment of Business objectives with customers' needs.
In a place where everybody claims to be the best, how to find the real best Website Development Company in Bangalore ? Well, the truth is no one company is the best fit for all website development related functions.
It varies from company to company depending on their specific requirements. One who doesn’t have an extensive methodology can never understand their clients and thereby never deliver assured performance.
So, choosing the best web development company in Bangalore depends on how the company plans to give solutions to your web development requirements and the success associated with it.

Do You Like Start Your Project With Us

We offer a extensive range of services to reach your targeted spectators and carve up your valuable information focusing on retaining your customers. Our service includes Web application development, Website designing, Website development is very important today when everything is rapidly transitioning online. Whichever industry or sector you belong to, having a website would add credibility to your brand, improve your brand image, and gain your customers worldwide. Whether you’re a B2B model, B2C, B2G, B2B2C, B2M, a startup, an SME, a Non-profit Organisation, or a Multi-national Corporation, regardless of your business model, or business size you should have a website. Further, it will help you earn customers from around the globe and also helps you gain an edge over your competitors.

Website design tailored to your business needs
You want a website that is customised to your specific requirements. That’s why we never use preset templates in web design. All our custom website designs are built from the ground up with your requirements in mind.
User-friendly website that drives conversion
Best website design is not just about looking great. Your website needs to be user-friendly and optimised for conversions. Our UX experts do in-depth research and planning on user-flow to make your website as intuitive and seamless as possible.
Technically flawless, scalable website design
You want your website to have a solid foundation with reliable, secure codes. No matter how simple or complex your website is our front-end designers and server-side developers stick to the coding best practices from the very beginning.
Mobile-friendly and optimised for search engines
We can help you with custom CMS integration.We know it’s important for your website to be found in the search results. We have one of the best SEO teams in India who advises our website designers to make sure your site structure is consistent with the SEO best practices.
Easy to manage website with powerful CMS
You wouldn’t want to call a developer to change a background image on your website, would you? Our websites are backed by powerful content management systems to give you more freedom and control over your site.
Support and Maintenance
You may require CMS support and maintenance at multiple stages. Maybe you want to change the layout. Maybe you want to integrate the shopping cart CMS (WooCommerce) with your existing informational CMS (WordPress).

We Focus ON

Dynamic & Mobile Ready Website

Majority of the users visiting your website are most likely using a mobile device. So, if you insist on dynamic, accelerated performance, mobile-friendly website frameworks.

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Convenient Navigation

We help website visitors navigate efficiently within the website. By designing the perfect homepage with efficient site navigation capabilities, we ensure simple and easy accessibility to core pages of the site, thus reducing bounce rates.

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Performance Ready

With a brilliant website live, we configure strategic forms enabled with Analytics and Heatmap tools to sense the User-Journey and make relevant changes. Speed is of an utmost component of the test during this process.

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Analytics and the aftermath

We offer Clickstream + In-page analytics reporting which allows you to keep track of our work to develop and promote your website based on various performance indicators. With our analytics in place, we get better at the art of making your website that works for you over a period of time.

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Web Browsers Compatibility

Assign the responsibility to Seekneo, the Best Website Maintenance Company in Bangalore. We will take care of your website needs so that you can concentrate on your core responsibility;
running your business. Our support service is offered at affordable rates. Don’t pay high amounts to third-party companies for urgent requirements or performance improvement.

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Sitemap and Architecture

A sitemap is a file that consists of all web pages of your website that is accessible to Search Engine web crawlers. Along with strong, engaging and unique content for your website users which offers a fresh perspective regarding the subject matter.This allows search engines and users to easily access all content of your website.

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Graphics enhance the website's value with an increased visual appeal of your product, brand, or services. We provide you with the best visual experience, such as images, videos, icons, infographics, etc., for your website.

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We know about Serifs, Sans serifs, script, monospaced, and display. Our trained typography experts will set the right tone, color, space, visual hierarchy, etc. so that you can convey your message and meaning to your audience.

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Fast loading

We all know how irritating it is when you get stuck, or something is slow. Time waits for no one, so we prioritize fast loading time for our client’s optimal user experience!

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API and Payment Gateway Integration

The perfect gateway to secure and seamless transactions is everyone’s dream. From choosing a payment gateway to a payment method to testing and regulation, we will be there with you every step.

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Backend support

Whether it be technical assistance and maintenance support for your software application or website, we covered everything from server infrastructure to databases and APIs.

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Technologies We Use

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

How long will it take to get a new website?
Can estimate the time frame based on the website design and development requirements that you have. Website features will differ based on the industries and business model.
What platforms do you use for web development?
We have around 48+ experts in the most familiar technologies Like WordPress, Joomla, PHP, Laravel, Node, React, Python, HTML5, Java Script, etc., Our experts will guide you to the best technology, which will suit your requirements.
Can you create a mobile-friendly website?
Yes. Nowadays, Websites get accessed by mobile users a lot. It's increasing day by day. So creating a mobile-friendly website is the most important factor in website design & Development.
How much does it cost for website development?
We do charge the minimum cost for website development. But not cheaper because premium quality will not come under cheaper. cost can be calculated based on the web development requirement that you have & technology that you choose.
Do you provide hosting for my website?
Yes, we do provide hosting services & maintenance support along with our web development services.
When do I have to pay?
To initiate the process for the agreed services, you have to pay an advance of between 40% to 50%. The remaining payment terms will be mentioned in the proposal.
How can I track the status of my project?
We do provide a project management tool to monitor the project flow and task status.
Can you maintain my website?
Yes, after we completed the web development process we do provide website maintenance services also.
Why is responsive design very important?
In essence, responsive design is a method of creating a website that seamlessly adapts its information and components to fit to any screen resolution on which it is displayed. It stops graphics from being broader than the formats and saves mobile users from having to do additional work to understand your services or products. This approach will also help the website to reach a wider audience.

SeekNEO, being one of the leading web designers in Bangalore makes sure that they only design and develop websites that are responsive.
How do I get my website ranked on the first page of google?
Ranking on the first page of Google is the result of SEO-friendly content on the website. Understanding the customer preferences and providing unambiguous and relevant content with the right keywords is the key to ranking on top of the google search page. Apart from this Technical SEO, local SEO, and off page optimisation has to be continuously done to retain the ranking and brand position.

SeekNEO, being one of the leading SEO agencies in Bangalore has contributed to the growth of businesses through its digital marketing services by positioning its clients well on search engines and ranking them on the 1st page of Google.

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