website Design Company in Jackson
website Design Company in Jackson

SeekNEO offer a wide area of custom website development solutions for corporate businesses, as well as small businesses and entity. SeekNEO team of efficient with justify experience in the field of web Application and development are capable of providing excellence, cost-effective Application development solutions, including database integrated websites, eCommerce websites, website redesign & web maintenance services.

Back in the day, the only way to translate your super–cool web page design into something that would actually work online was to slice all of the graphics up into little squares and put things back together with tables. Think Microsoft Excel — lots of little boxes, lots of little images, and lots of page–bloating, load–time slowing code. Then, whenever you wanted to redesign your site, you had to chop everything up AGAIN and code all the tables AGAIN. Does that seem like a good way to do things? No, but it was the only thing that worked at the time.

Then one day, a brilliant guy named Håkon Lie came up with the best thing ever — cascading style sheets (CSS). Instead of throwing all of your site’s content and images into a blender and mixing up a big monstrosity of code, CSS and XHTML allow you to completely separate the look from the content. Want to change some text? That’s easy, because that’s the only thing in your HTML files. Want to change the look of your entire site? That’s easy too, because it is handled entirely by the external style sheets. As an added benefit, your site will make you lots and lots of money.

Well, maybe not, but at least it will load faster and be more search engine–friendly. Anyway, if your site is still stuck in the 1990’s and hasn’t made the transition from table-based layouts to nice, clean XHTML and CSS, the guys at Seekneo can help. They do this stuff in their sleep. They know all the tricks to writing beautiful, semantic markup, and they know how to get CSS to play nicely with pretty much every web browser in use today. If you want to see what we can do to bring your site into the 21st century, just

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