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Difference Between Online & Offline marketing?

Difference Between Online & Offline marketing?

Online Marketing

Email marketing: SeeKNEO has tie-ups with mailing companies that provide accurate mail delivery, on-time delivery, and better mail servers that take care to make sure the mails are delivered to the inbox and not the spam folders. The 3rd party company has huge experience in email servers for more than 30 decades and is a whitelisted company in sending mails.

SMS Marketing: Low-cost SMS packages that would help you to promote your business to the next level and bring in more business at your doorsteps. The immense knowledge and skill in SMS and also adhering to all the rules laid and still can provide more delivery percentage is the key in SMS marketing.

Voting and survey: In today’s world most of the businesses have started after they have taken the opinion of their targeted customer to avoid any sort of wrong planning or to change plans when which they would have already made to have a better success rate. To help your business to have faster growth we will team up with you and get voting and surveys done from a variety of questioners that would provide you the right shape for your business online.

Video and audio: With huge knowledge in creating audio and video files that would help you boost your sales is another opportunity we can provide our customers with. These videos and audios would be delivered to you according to your business requirement at a very minimal cost than those that are available in the local market. Imagine a virtual salesperson on your website talking about your product rather than your customers’ need to read the content?

PPC: With over a decade-long experience in PPC we first understand the objectives of your business and also help you in listing your ad only to those prospective and targeted clients of yours to help generate more business and attract more visitors to your website. As part of our pay-per-click management service, we will take you through an initial brief, review any previous data, discuss your business and industry and understand your objectives in order to deliver optimum results.

Banner ads: Banner ads are those attractive little boxes that you can put up on the different websites from where most of your targeted customers either browse or surf. To create a banner one needs vast and in-depth knowledge in the different types of business, customers’ behavior, and their areas of interest. Our team has the expertise to help you create banners that would make your targeted customers click on them and reach your website from where you would gain more business.

Classifieds: Putting up your website on the classified site is a very easy task but what is the guarantee that your site is listed in the right place? Posting a classified ad is not as simple as one thinks, to have greater returns one needs to fit their content in the right spot where your target customers would search them for and in the right content which would attract your targeted customers. Our experts can provide you with the best-classified websites and content that would increase your visitors.

Goodwill marketing: PGoodwill of a company is more looked at in the online world as your buyers reach from the different topology of this planet. How do you get your customers’ trust over your business and deliveries may be the biggest question for many business owners. Be rest assured as our third-party teams are experts in Goodwill marketing that would help you just not to run a business but provide that confidence in your customers’ heart buy from you and also refer your business to others.

Branding marketing: Branding marketing is very essential for any business to have a long time business. There are several times when you personally would have purchased some product or services and when someone asked you why specifically that company you had no answer for that question. This is called as branding marketing. Our 3rd party associate is geeks in this field and will help you and your company to be that BRAND against your competitor.

Press Release Writing & Distribution: Press releases are one of the major factors to get a good ranking on the search engines as well as to attract more traffic to your website. With the latest press release that you put up on your site, many new visitors end up looking for attractive news and information on your website. Our team is well aware of what your website needs and those keywords that your targeted customers search for on the internet and will reach your website.

Newsletter: Regular updates about your company is a very important factor for any business who would like to have a long term relationship with their customers each time when you send out newsletters about the new product or services or updates about your new branches in a different part of the world or it can also be as normal as a seasonal sale offer that you are doing. And most businesses agree that your existing customers the best base to do your upselling or a new product launch. There are thousands of ideas and specialized subjects in this field which our experts would help you send out to your customers.

Offline Marketing

TV marketing: Television has changed our life’s to a greater extent and we all are aware more than 90% of the overall population of watch television and business have grown using advertisements on TV as it stays fresh in the viewer’s mind. Our creative team can provide you with TV ads that are totally unique and attractive to boost your sales.

Hoardings: On your way, while you are traveling you might have watched few colorful hoardings that would have attracted you. Have you ever thought how many people passing by would have watched that hoarding? These Hoardings are there for a purpose and our experts will help you to create an impression that is long-lasting in the minds of your future customers and most likely they would refer your business to many others. Leave the rest to us, we will take your business to the next level without you having to know-how.

Print: One of the oldest but still the most happening method of advertisement. This ad needs experts in this field as there is too much competition in the current market, but you know if some content or image is stuck in your mind it has to be because of someone who is an expert and knows what they do.

Paper ads: These types of ads come in different shapes and sizes and it’s more evidence that the best content or the best presentation catches many eyes and automatically you pick up the phone and call the number given. We are sure you would love to get many inquiries and close them to sales for your product and service.

Marketing consultancy: Providing failure-proof solutions and showing you how no to add but to multiply are the right marketing consultancy that you want for your business. And our experts in marketing will teach you and incorporate new ideas and facts without you having to invest money into your existing business. If you need proof contact us and we will tell you what is missing in your business.

Radio: Once again radio is making a huge impact on the people both in the cities and in the countrysides. Right from impressive voice to the best content that can be remembered are all in our stores. Our experts can also tell you what time your ads are to be played to reach your targeted customers.

Postcards: One of the oldest but still most effective ways of keeping your customers in touch. Most business firms usually collect their customers’ addresses and contact numbers. It can just be normal thanks for shopping postcards which you could send to your customers to maintain a relationship with your customer to get them back to your shop and also to refer your goods and services to others as they would have a long-lasting bond with your company. There are several ideas that are more concrete which would make most of your customers come back to you if not all.

Local business directories: Most of us pick up yellow pages or other directories to find businesses listed to call them and when you don’t have a computer or an internet connection. And even to this very day, there are lots of customers who do the same. Have you ever wondered why you do not get more inquiries even if you have your names listed in one or all of those directories? We help you to boost your sales through business directories.

Referral Programs: Our experts will help you to pitch the right referral programs to bring more customers from those customers who purchased your product and also get more for what they have paid for.

Direct mailing: Content that would pull your customers from their chairs or increase the necessity for your product and services or create a need is a few of the most essential characters needed in your mailing content. Now what would do all these are something that you’ve always wanted to know, let’s handle them for you.

Auto tele calling: Tele calling has helped many companies to achieve what they are now and most of the companies even to this very day use Tele callers to approach you with their products and services. We go one step beyond and deliver the best method and cater to your business needs.

Joint ventures: We will help you find the right people for you to improve and increase your business to other parts of this world. Our 3rd party companies who are associated with us have reached in all countries to help you to achieve which was not achievable by you.

Brochures: Designing the best-looking broacher alone will not help you to increase your enquires but also the right marketing content and the way it’s been presented on the handout is very important. Our experts would help you to put everything together which would generate more inquiries and increase your business.

Survey: In today’s world most of the businesses have started after they have taken the opinion of their targeted customer to avoid any sort of wrong planning or to change plans when which they would have already made to have a better success rate. To help your business to have faster growth we will team up with you and get voting and surveys done from a variety of questioners that would provide you the right shape for your business offline.

Free sampling or trail: Is one of the most important way or method of getting new customers to purchase your product or services but how will you do that and what is that you need to provide to your prospective customers so that they choose you and not your other competitors are something we will help you with.

SeeKNEO is bringing a different variety of marketing both online and offline. All this marketing is done by our associates who have huge experience in the field of marketing and to help our clients we are providing them at low cost and make our customers business to take it to the next level.

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