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Google Ads Strategies :

Google Ads Strategies :

Google Ads Strategies: Convert No Relevant Traffic Into Relevant Traffic

Fundamental Targeting

It is all about whom you want to show your Ad. Perfect and Relevant Targeting helps to increase organic traffic and the experience of the user on-site. Types of fundamental targeting are as follows:

1) Location Targeting: Country, State, City, Pincode, Radius. Airports.
2) Device Targeting: Mobile, Desktop, Tablet.
3) Device Brand: OnePlus, Apple, Samsung, etc.
4) Operating-System Targeting: 105, Windows, Android, Webos.
5) Language.
6) Gender/Parental Status.
7) Interest.


Extensions help an Ad to appear more prominent. As extensions don’t affect ranking and quality score, it is an extra benefit given by google and makes Ad more valuable. It also helps to track and measure conversion. Types of extensions are:

1) Call Extension.
2) Location Extension.
3) Sitelink Extension.
4) Price Extension.
5) Call-Out Extension.
6) Promotion Extension.
7) Structured Snippet Extension.
8) Lead Extension.
9) App Extension.

Keyword Match type

Using the right Keyword Match type increases the chance of appearing Ad in results. Types of Keyword Match are:
1) Broad Match-Symbol: None.
2) Phrase Match-Symbol: “Keyword.”
3) Exact Match-Symbol: [Keyword].

Ads and Keywords

Ad Is directly connected with keywords. Using proper keywords can increase the chance of ranking on-page. Also, headlines and descriptions of Ads should be relevant. You need to do keyword research to know what the user searches for.

Landing Page

Landing Page should be optimized very well. If the landing page doesn’t load fast, then this can reduce CTR/Conversion. Also. make sure that all the technical issues regarding the landing page should be solved, as this can help the user explore the page easily. Implement Lazy Loading to improve website performance.

Analyze Auction Report

Understand this report as this report lets you know which all advertisers are competing on the same keyword. You get to know about your competitors who are bidding on the same keyword same as you. Ad Auction Report displays: Impression Share, Avg. Position.Overlap Rate, PositionAbove Rate, Top of Page Rate, Outranking Share.


Use budget effectively and efficiently. Improving the Quality Score and Ad Rank can help a website to decrease its budget. Try to increase the funding of those campaigns which are performing well.

Use Negative Keywords Effectively

Improper Negative Keywords can reduce impressions. Therefore be careful while
using negative keywords. Negative keywords play a significant role in converting Non­ relevant traffic to Relevant traffic. It stops the users to see your Ad which has an Irrelevant search query.

Conversion TracKing

It is crucial to use conversion tracking as it helps us to know which ad group and keyword was triggered during user Search.
it also helps to know from where exactly we are getting conversions.

Call to Action for Mobile ads

Including a call to action can directly help users to contact you.
call to action helps to increase leads.

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