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Top 10 Website Developers in Bangalore for 2023 – SeekNEO

Top 10 Website Developers in Bangalore for 2023 – SeekNEO

Top 10 Website Developers in Bangalore

  1. Brandemic
  2. SeekNEO IT SolutionS
  3. Tatvasoft
  4. Hdata Systems
  5. Aalpha Information Systems (P) Ltd
  6. Next Brain Technologies
  7. Brandstory
  8. Pepper Square
  9. Net Solutions
  10. Indus Net Technologies (P) Ltd

Here is the list of Top website developers in Bangalore.

#1 – Brandemic

Brandemic believes in turning businesses into world-class brands. The company initially started as a passion project that has turned into its proudest identity. Brandemic is an award-winning Branding Agency that is basically led by the thought processes of 4 guys in their mid-20s with diverse backgrounds and experiences. The agency has completed over 200 projects successfully. Each project requires a different kind of approach and skillset. A client can rely on the team to partner with their dream project. This company offers the best workforce for website development. 

Google Review: 4.9 
Services: Website design and development, UI/UX

#2 – SeekNEO IT SolutionS

SeekNEO is a Web Design company that is dedicated to helping large, small, and midsize business companies to reach their customers online. Having created various unique and innovative packages we provide the best of Web Design service. Our services are backed with extraordinary High quality and low costs.

The company has professionals who have to bring high-class projects to a large number of national and global clients. We service all business domain at a very competitive cost. Our zone of strength is our innovation, out-of-the-box thinking, and commitment to quality. With our skillful administration team as well as in-house Certified web developers, we register a unique name for your organization and thus open up a new world of web-based

The company focuses more on delivering industry-feasible Mobile Applications & Websites with the Best Website Developers on their team in Bangalore.

Services: Website design and developmentMobile App Development, Digital Marketing

Google Review: 4.8
Services: Web Development, Web Design Company in Bangalore, eCommerce Web Development, SEO Services, Digital Marketing Agency

#3 – TatvaSoft

TatvaSoft has completed around 1800 projects and has a client base of around  700 companies. TatvaSoft works for developing custom software that solves complex business challenges. They work with clients of all sizes across all industries.

Google Review: 4.2
Services: Website design and development, UI/UX, E-commerce Development, Mobile App Development

#4 – HData Systems

In India, HData Systems has mastered ad specialized in data science and helps companies in increasing their productivity and efficiency through analytical approaches. The company believes in facilitating various services like software development for apps, web design, big data analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, and many more.

Google Review: 5.0
Services: Website design and development, Artificial intelligence, Business Intelligence, Data Visualization

#5 – Aalpha Information Systems India Pvt.Ltd

Aalpha information systems Pvt. Ltd. is a full-service software development company that has various dedicated and skilled experts who actively works to deliver top-rated web & mobile apps for companies of all sizes. This company is based in India, Bangalore.

Google Review: 4.5
Services: Website design and development, UI/UX, Services Services

#6 – Next brain Technologies

Next Brain Technologies was founded in the year 2016, and since then, the company has turned into one of the top mobile and web development companies in Bangalore. In just five years, they have turned into a team of 60 developers who have covered around 150 projects. They strategize, design, develop, market, and analyze web and mobile applications.

They are awarded various awards and recognitions because of their unmatched services and agile approach. Next brain Technologies has a huge client list that includes companies like TechMahindra, L&T Technology Services, J.M. Baxi & Co., etc. Their offices are located in pan India, the USA, and Canada as well.

Google Review: 4.9 
Services: Website design and development, UI/UX, Product Development, Intelligent Apps

#7 – BrandStory

BrandStory is one of the top Web Development companies that is situated in Bangalore. The company encompasses services from creating their client’s brand identity to digitally defining their ideas. The company focuses on getting its client’s products and services to the ever-growing digital market, thereby increasing its client’s brand awareness. They are passionate about creating their client’s brand’s digital journey.

Google Review: 4.2
Services: Website design, Development, UI, and Digital Transformation

#8 – Pepper Square

Pepper Square is the amalgamation of creative digital experts that helps clients discover possibilities, measure, and deliver extraordinary digital experiences for the world’s leading brands. Over the last 19 years, the company has been running at a great pace and has helped 300+ leading companies as a motive to maximize their outcomes with Digital Innovation.

Google Review: 4.7
Services: Website design and development, UI/UX, CMS, and Mobile App Development

#9 – Net Solutions

Net Solutions is based out of Chandigarh, India. They have expertized skills in mobile app and custom software development for businesses in the mid-market and enterprise space. Net Solutions is considered one of the top 65 digital service providers in the world.

Google Review: 4.3
Services: Website design and development, UI/UX, Product Development, AI, and more

#10 – Indus Net Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Indus Net Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a mobile app development service provider company. The company has been used by dozens of enterprise clients around the world, including MasterCard. This Kolkata-based agency has an objective to create waves with its work for enterprise clients and startups as well.

Google Review: 4.3
Services: Website design and development, UI/UX, Blockchain Development, Analytics

You Can Reduce Expenses by Outsourcing Website Development to Professionals in Bangalore!

Bangalore is a city in India that is majorly popular for owning the I.T. hub. Here, most of the software companies are located. This is where numerous technologies and skilled technical people are well-skilled in their respective technology. Bangalore is also called the Silicon Valley of India. Bangalore is the headquarter of several I.T. companies including ISRO, Wipro, Infosys, etc., There are numerous startups in Bangalore & outside Bangalore that is looking for skilled Website Design & Development for their Business. This is where Bangalore plays a vital role because it is a place of numerous website developers, but there are few best website developers you can get help from for your business. Just stay move on below to view those top companies!

Let’s Understand 3 Benefits of Web Development Outsourcing

Outsourcing web development provides various benefits, starting from reducing operating costs and time to new product development and introduction to the market. There are many entrepreneurs that are praising the merit of outsourcing website development over building an in-house team or having individual developers.

You save money

When making the comparison hiring an in-house web development team or web development outsourcing can reduce your costs. It helps in saving your money. Firstly, you don’t have to spend the initial cost of acquiring the talent. Second, other expenses like employee retention, settling for their health insurance, bonuses, and a lot more are reduced.

Skilled and unique talents

Apart from the feature of reducing web development costs, another reason to outsource is access to a vast talent pool. Certain resources help in adding value to your project when you outsource to a web development company.

Access to high scalability and flexibility

A website development outsourcing company does the hiring of employees for various roles that include Backend developers, Frontend developers, UI/UX developers, web designers, Q.A., etc. Every professional they hire has exceptional industry experience and complete knowledge of their field. These professionals have mastered their skills.

Why Should You Hire Website Developers From Bangalore?

These Reasons Best Explain your Need for it!


Professional website developers are very much cost-effective in nature which is one of the most beneficiary things for companies based out of India. The agencies in India have the support of facilitating quality at affordable pricing due to a vast labor pool that includes talented personnel, skilled personnel, experienced personnel, and the overall knowledge of present-day notions of the technology domain.

State-of-the-Art Technology

With the passage of time, the technical domain is also evolving, and so do the developers around the globe. Developers all over India are constantly learning and evolving with time.

Quality Assurance

There is a misconception that web development companies in India work at cheap pricing and do not believe in providing quality products. There is no doubt in the concept that pricing is on the lower side but certainly not the quality.

Easily Accessible

At times, communication gets hampered due to different time zones. The developers in India are highly professional and very particular about client satisfaction.

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