Website Development
Web Development And Design Process

Web Development And Design Process

Web development and design process go side by side

Both of these elements should be done in a proper way according to specific requirements.

In this blog, we will discuss how website development and design acts effectively to create a functional and tempting website that helps to boost your business beyond its potential. Both these two processes are very technical and complicated, so needs special skills for that so here is an overview of the variances between these two areas.

Visual elements and appearance
If we talk about web design, its main focus is on the appearance and visual elements, and features of the website like layout, color scheme, typography, content management, and information all come under the area of website designing. These elements should be synchronized well to make a visually compelling and exclusive website. A visually attractive website is essential to attract visitors, but we can’t ignore the functionality, user experience, and responsive web design. That’s why a good web designer also has a firm grasp of UX/UI principles.

The overall design process starts with a comprehensive strategy that comprehends your goals and addresses how the website will help you achieve those goals. The ideology of balance, contrast, emphasis, consistency, and unity are all put to work to create the designs before moving on to development.

Now comes the development process that makes sure the best functionality of the website and maximizes every element of the design. It is also essential because no matter how good the website is visually but if it fails to work properly then there will be no results. In the development process programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP are used to build an effective and functional website by highly technical knowledge to execute efficiently.

Development can basically be of two types. Both ends of development are essential in maximizing the function and efficiency of your website. Front-end development, sometimes known as client-side development, is accountable for how the website displays its design. Back-end development accomplishes and serves data to be displayed on the front-end.

These two aspects of website creation go side by side. So, there should be more efficient communication between client and agency, as both the design and development processes are completed under the same roof by professionals who collaborate regularly.  Well reputed web design and development companies often hire team members with the best skills and work together impeccably in producing extraordinary websites.

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