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Which one is best!! Ionic or React Native?

Which one is best!! Ionic or React Native?

Both Ionic and React Native and technologies for making mobile applications while not requiring information of the platform-specific language; Swift/Obj-C for iOS and Java for android.

The approach these 2 frameworks take is extremely totally different but, Ionic permits you to make a website so generates a mobile application out of that. once a user launches your app, he truly launches a browser that’s programmed to solely show the website you produce. this is often a somewhat simplified analogy, however is beneficial for this comparison.

React Native on the opposite hand is sort of a programming language that works each on iOS and android. You write your mobile application using Javascript, and so compile it into a native application, very similar to you’d with Swift and Java. once your application is launched by the user, they’re running a full-fledged mobile application, not simply a wrapper on the high of a website.

Why still utilize Ionic if React Native permits you to build real apps so effectively?

Because with React Native, you’ll be able to solely go up to now. See, React Native is like building with lego. you’ve got many predefined blocks (buttons, text boxes, image show views) that you simply will combine along in numerous ways that. however if you would like one thing that’s not already built-in; sort of a calendar gismo, you would like to form that part yourself, exploiting the language of your platform; Swift or Java.

With Ionic, you’ll do no matter a website is allowed to try and do. If you would like a calendar appliance, use the jQuery one. If you would like to indicate a video, simply load one such as you would on a website. If you would like to show one thing as a table, simply use AN HTML table and magnificence it.

So why use React Native if it’s limited?

Because typically, you wish the native performance from the associate application. Let’s say you’re building an associate app that should show the user a table with five,000 entries. whereas you’ll be able to do this with Ionic, the performance isn’t planning to be nice. as a result of you’re running a website within an internet browser, you’ll have constant performance as any website would. 5,000 could be a massive variety of entries to point out quickly on an internet page.

With React Native, you get native performance, and showing those 5,000 entries is simple. Your app is running nearer to the metal as they assert, and you get tons of additional performance out of it. React native apps “feel” just like the real thing.

What should you use?

Depends mostly on what you plan to build.

If you would like to make one thing that includes a ton of “things” happening on the screen; like as an example showing 5,000 entries during a table quickly, your sole selection between the 2 is React Native.

However, for many applications, Ionic is sweet enough. we’ve got designed applications with Ionic that allowed sales agents to get quotes whereas within the field. As so much because the customer was involved, he received the mobile application he purchased. He didn’t care if it had been native or not.

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