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6 Skills To Look For In A Full-Stack Web Developer

6 Skills To Look For In A Full-Stack Web Developer

For an SME owner or entrepreneur, time is always a concern. Due to digitization in almost all industries, the world has become more advanced, competitive, and fast. 

In such a scenario, taking your business online in no time is a real deal. You have no better option than choosing a full-stack web developer or full-stack development services from certified agencies. 

Full-stack web developers are generally dynamic and well-versed in front-end and back-end, both web development techniques. However, you must look for the mandatory skills that your website or web app development needs.

6 skills Full-Stack Web Developer must have!

Although full-stack web developers are software development professionals, they possess equal mastership in front-end (or client-side) and back-end (or server-side) developments. Their familiarity with different tech stacks is involved in software development. In fact, with broad skills and extensive knowledge in web development, they provide professional services that are profoundly unmatched. 

So, here are the 6 top-most required skills of a full-Stack web developer listed below that you must check before you finalize the collaboration.

  • Web architecture (A must-have!):

Every proficient and trustworthy full-stack web developer must be familiar with the Nitty-gritty of web architecture—well, it’s a must! Since the developer generally structures a website or web application directly from scratch, they must know the process of smoothly developing the codes, maintaining data, categorizing the files, and executing the fundamental computational tasks.

  • Back-end languages:

To develop a flawless website or web application, the full-stack web developer must have tight hands on different programming languages. From Java, PHP, Ruby, and Python to more latest languages—they serve all demands under one umbrella. 

Besides, the developer must be proficient with these languages’ syntax and showcase practical experience in applying these according to project requirements. 

  • HTML and CSS:

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is the personalization tool employed for designing and styling the website. Meanwhile, HTML, aka Hyper Text Markup language, helps place website content. However, the web development specialist must know both comprehensively since both determine the website’s visual appeal. And it’s the apex of attracting potential customers online. 

Proficiency in HTML and CSS helps a full-stack developer outline the web page setup utilizing markup language. The developer can further present the HTML coding details efficiently. Hence, the developer can create an interactive, intuitive, and appealing front-end for websites or web apps.

  • JavaScript:

Another essential skill for a full-stack developer is JavaScript. It’s one of the programming languages most frequently used for web development. In fact, it’s highly crucial for scripting both the front-end and back-end coding for website servers. In addition, it’s the only programming language natively supported by the browser’s server.

Therefore, having in-depth knowledge of this language will make a developer match the benchmarks to develop websites or web applications. 

  • Database storage:

Having database storage knowledge (database storage in-out and relational database) vouch for the credibility of a full-stack developer in every means. An authentic and certified developer would have adept expertise in database management, including understanding, designing, and managing queries. 

  • Basic design capacity:

Last but not least—a full-stack web developer must have basic design skills to perform front-end and back-end web development. Whether it’s a website or web application, it’s vital to design and structure the project to look well-organized, neat, appealing, and interactive. Therefore, the developer must understand the basics of design principles, such as UI/UX design, scalability, and different design prototypes.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the compulsory skill sets of a full-stack web developer, but not the complete list, of course! The knowledge of the Version control system (VCS), soft skills like communication skills, a tech-driven mindset, creativity, excellent time-management ability, and a constant desire to learn, apply, improve, and update are also impeccable qualities of a developer. 

Since there’s no better option than teaming up with a full-stack web developer, checking these skills would help you cost-cutting and save time for your project. 

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