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9 Questions You Should Ask A Web Design Agency… Before You Hire Them

9 Questions You Should Ask A Web Design Agency… Before You Hire Them

One of the most important elements of a website is that it accurately represents your business (and you!). So, it should go without saying that it is important that you may only have one chance to turn a website visitor into a customer and first impressions are everything.

A truly successful website does several things: brings traffic to the website, keeps the traffic engaged on the website, and produces conversions – all while looking great and being user-friendly.

In need of a website redesign and want to make sure all of the above are covered? No sweat – we are giving you top questions you should be asking your potential web designer to cover all the bases here:

  1. Do You Have A Portfolio?

Any professional designer should have a portfolio readily available. By asking this question, you simply are seeing if the designer has a similar style to what you are looking for and ensuring that your brand will be correctly represented online. By looking at the designer’s past work, it gives you an insight into their ability in what they both have achieved and can achieve.

2.What’s Your Step-By-Step Process?

Asking this question not only allows you to know what to expect from the project, but ensures that your designer has the experience to have a developed plan and processes in place; a good sign of a well-established designer. It will also touch on the following points:

  • How you’ll communicate
  • How much input you will have
  • What you need to provide on your end to the designer
  • How often to expect check-ins
  • Revision allowances

How Long Will The Entire Project Take?

If you have a hard deadline, this is something that should be brought up right away. Design can take quite some time – especially when done right. If a designer promises they can do everything in a few days, you should be concerned. Very concerned. Expect a lot of back-and-forth communication. You will need to provide a lot of information to your designer and how long it takes you to provide that will also reflect in the longevity of the project, along with delays in the process that are unavoidable. Depending on the project, expect a minimum of 1-3 months to be on the safe side.

4.Do I Need a Redesign?

Sometimes, the website you have is fine – it just needs some minor edits and add-ons. A good web designer should analyze the product you already have and tell you what you need to make it better.

  1. Do You Work With Anyone Else?

Some web designers may outsource some tasks needed to complete your website, and you should know that in advance. Some might not feel comfortable with someone they’ve never met working on their product.

  1. What Happens After The Launch?

If your designer expresses that once the website is launched, they are completely done – this is not the website designer for you! This means that they may not assist in fixing any glitches that may occur when you may need them the most.

  1. What If You Don’t Like the Website?

Even though you talk to them extensively, sometimes the final product just isn’t to your liking. So ask about what happens in this potential situation, how they handle the process.

  1. Will The Website Be Functional On All Device Types?

This is Web Design. The website should be Responsive, meaning it should properly work on different screen sizes (desktop, tablet & mobile phones). You actually shouldn’t have to ask this question, but it’s safer if you do.

  1. Ask for Some Referrals

Lastly, the web designer should happily provide the names of some former clients you can talk to and see what their experience was. If they hesitate, that’s a dealbreaker.

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