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Web Design In 2021 – What Not To Do

Web Design In 2021 – What Not To Do

When websites first burst onto our computer screens, way before smartphones, people who were into programming used to think it was a good idea to embed music and videos launch from the moment their website was clicked.

Do you remember those days?

We’re pretty lucky to be in a time now where we no longer have that with every single site. The cheesy website tricks of 10-15 years ago may well have been cringe, but it’s these early-stage experiences that helped us to learn exactly what NOT to do with our websites now.

Today, website design focuses on a good user experience and it’s this experience that will instantly decide whether your business is worth it to the consumer.

However, there are still people who adopt bad design practices in the name of all things cheesy and vintage, but it’s just not what people want.

So, it’s important to know what NOT to do for your website trends in 2021, and we’ve got some of the biggest around:

Bad Typography

Typography is the style, arrangement, or appearance of printed letters on a page. And perhaps one of the most important design elements of our website.

The purpose of your site is to be read — and what you’re saying matters just as much as how you’re saying it. So, choose wisely… but don’t be afraid to be too bold … your website typography choices will help make your website sing and your phones ring!

Website Barriers

You’ve probably seen the ‘enter site’ pages that come up when you click on a website link. These act as a barrier to the site while forcing the user to sit through an advert or song.

People want to see your website, not have their time wasted and given that you only get three seconds to impress someone who clicks your site, then you need to delete this page and not annoy people!

No Contact Details

If you think that being trendy means hiding all the main details of your business in favor of showing off your latest and greatest discount or project, you’d be wrong.

The whole idea is to direct traffic, and your most important message is going to be your telephone number or email address so that people can contact you right away if they see what they like.

You need your contact information with immediate calls to action to tell the viewer to call you right away.

Slow, Lagging Sites

Sure, your website scrolls, but it lurches and stops while the user is just trying to make it down the page. It’s so overwhelmed with imagery and text, which means that there’s just too much going on and your website cannot keep up.

Take stock of the content that truly matters, then take time to strip it back and make it simple to use for the visitor. Google may even reward you with higher rankings for a speedy site!

Step Away From the Fonts

There are plenty of things that you shouldn’t be doing with your website in 2021, but sometimes, you just need a little reminder! Two or three different font types are plenty on your website.

Horizontal Scrolling

Given that most website viewers use smartphones and tablets, horizontal page scrolling doesn’t have a place anymore. It’s a view that works nicely for those websites that are embracing portfolios, but it just isn’t great for thumb-scrolling social media viewers.

If you want to keep the pages of your website faux pas free, we’re here to help! Give us a call at (+91) 8762687419 or visit us online to get a free quote on your web design project.

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