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Sales Drop? Generate 5X Sales With Proven Digital Marketing Strategies

Sales Drop? Generate 5X Sales With Proven Digital Marketing Strategies

Do you know that the Internet penetration rate of the e-Commerce industry in India was only 50% in 2020?

According to reports from Statista, India currently holds the second-highest number of Internet users, totaling approximately 700 million as of December 2022. Despite this significant user base, the e-Commerce market in India is facing a huge sales drop—shocking, right?

In a world full of games of one-upmanship, maintaining a steady flow of sales is the lifeline of any company. It’s no secret that businesses experience their fair share of ups and downs, and a sudden drop in sales can feel like a punch in the gut. Agreed?

However, with the right strategies and approach, it’s possible to turn the tide and catapult your sales to new heights. And lucky for you, there’s a digital marketing company in Hyderabad that’s certified in leading people to the ‘PRO’-fits.

So, buckle up and get ready to navigate the wild waves of online business as we dive into the market size, shocking sales drops, and some proven strategies that’ll make your sales soar higher than a caffeinated seagull on a hot summer day. Get ready to generate 5X sales and leave your competition in a flabbergasted frenzy!

The Market Size of Online Businesses: Our Research

If you’re excited to understand the significance of staggering sales hikes, let’s dive into the fascinating world of online business. Are you ready? Great, let’s get started!

So, did you know that according to eMarketer, global retail e-commerce sales hit a jaw-dropping $4.28 trillion in 2020 ? That’s like winning the lottery a gazillion times over! And get this, it accounted for a whopping 18% of total retail sales worldwide. Clearly, the online marketplace is not to be underestimated.

Wait! Hold on, there’s more! There are approximately 12 million e-Commerce companies spread across the globe. That’s right, 12 million! It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack, except the haystack is the size of Mount Everest.

Now, here’s a little trivia for you.

Did you know that India alone boasts over 19,000 e-Commerce companies, reported by ClickPost? That’s more companies than you can count on your fingers and toes combined! It seems like everyone wants a piece of the digital pie.

With so many businesses vying for customers’ attention, it’s no wonder the competition is fierce. That’s why it’s crucial to unleash the power of digital marketing and come up with strategies that make your brand shine like a diamond in the rough. After all, you don’t want to be just another fish in the vast ocean of e-Commerce. You want to be the big, polished, irresistible brand that customers can’t resist — right?

Ready to take on the challenge of boosting your sales and leaving your competitors in the dust? We are here with some effective digital marketing strategies and discover the secret sauce that’ll make your business thrive.

Understanding the Sales Drop

Ah, the fickle world of online retail! It seems like they’ve had their fair share of ups and downs. Before September 2021, these online companies were facing some serious sales drops, and it was no laughing matter. Increased competition, changing consumer behavior, and, let’s not forget, the good old pandemic wreaking havoc—it was a perfect storm of challenges.

According to Capgemini/IMRG online retail index and the Economic Times, the numbers don’t lie. In fact, there has been a noticeable global decline in online retail sales in the past few years. Take July 2022, for example, when online retail sales in the UK decided to take a little dip of 2.3% compared to the same month in the previous year. Ouch!

The drop in online sales wasn’t limited to the UK alone. It was a global smack! The e-Commerce sales rollercoaster took a thrilling plunge. In January, it nosedived by a staggering 24.4% compared to the previous year.

And there’s more! February joined the rally with a 27% slide, and March decided to keep the strike going with another 25.5% drop. Those are some serious numbers!

Now, let’s talk cold, hard cash. In 2022, the global e-Commerce industry generated a massive $3.74 trillion in sales. Sounds impressive, right? Well, here comes the twist. It was actually $95 billion less than the previous year, 2021. Yup, that’s a pretty significant decline!

So, what does this all mean?

It’s clear that consumers worldwide tightened their digital purse strings and held back on spending in the online realm. Whether it was due to economic uncertainties, changing shopping patterns, or simply a yearning for that old-fashioned in-person shopping experience, one thing’s for sure: the e-Commerce industry felt the pinch in 2022.

Why is having a digital marketing strategy crucial?

Well, picture this:

You’re lost in a vast maze of online competition, and without a strategy, you’re just confused, making decisions and taking action aimlessly. It’s like embarking on a treasure hunt without a map or clue.

You might stumble upon something valuable by sheer luck, but you’ll likely end up lost, frustrated, and empty-handed.

However, when you team up with a seasoned full-service digital marketing agency like SeekNEO, they’ll whip up brilliant digital marketing strategies as sharp as a samurai’s sword that increases business ROI by 90% in no time.

Imagine having a team of marketing masterminds who specialize in creating a strategic and competitive plan just for your company. They don’t believe in one-size-fits-all approaches.

Our digital marketing virtuosos understand that a well-crafted strategy is like having a trusty GPS for your business that can take you from point A to point B with precision and finesse. They’ll help you set clear goals, define objectives, and measure those stellar key results that make your business shine in the crowd.

Imagine this scenario:

You’re ready to dive headfirst into digital marketing or possibly looking to level up your omnichannel marketing game. Well, that’s where a digital marketing plan comes into play. It’s your superpower, secret weapon, and Jedi master guiding you through the digital realm with finesse and flair.

So, why settle for aimless wandering when you can have a digital marketing strategy that turns heads, drives results, and leaves your competition scratching their heads in bewilderment?

Adopt the power of a well-crafted digital marketing plan, and watch your business conquer the online landscape like a BOSS.

Tried-and-Tested Digital Marketing Strategies For 5x Sales Boost

Now, tighten your seatbelt as we disclose digital marketing strategies as powerful as a superhero squad!

These techniques are inclined to dive in and save the day for companies in the ever-changing landscape of the digital world. Get your capes on—because we’re about to explore the empire of digital marketing greatness!

Search Engine Optimization  

SEO isn’t a mere option for top-notch digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad; it’s like a secret agent that intercepts every member of your target audience, It stealthily infiltrates every potential customer in your target audience, regardless of what their status is in the buying funnel.

Why? Because you see, nearly everyone browses for a new product/service with a search engine, preferably Google, most of the time.

Did you know that 80% of consumers rely on online research, and over half of them discover new companies or products through search results?

Want your business to steal the spotlight? So you better secure a prime spot on that oh-so-precious first page of search results. Our killer SEO services

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertisement

PPC, the superhero of cost-effective paid advertising, is a must-have strategy for businesses venturing into digital marketing or seeking a quick boost. It propels your website to the top of search results, bridging the gap for those buried deep in the organic ranking abyss. Need more convincing theories?

Here are the hard-hitting facts:

Are you tired of throwing money down the digital marketing drain? Google Ads is here to save the day, generating a whopping $8 for every $1 spent. Meanwhile, those other platforms can only muster a measly $2 ROI.

In fact, click-happy users are 50% more likely to make a purchase — did you know that?

That’s right, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is the secret weapon you need in your comprehensive digital marketing strategy. It’s like having a supercharged turbo engine for your business growth.

Don’t miss out—team up with us to unleash your results-driven PPC campaign today!

We’ve got over 13+ years of experience under our belt, and our clients have raked in a mind-boggling $46.5 million in revenue. We’re not just any digital marketing agency, we’re the trusted partner for national businesses drafting the ultimate strategies for digital marketing services in Bangalore.

Content Marketing

Looking to sprinkle some marketing magic into your digital strategy? Say hello to content marketing, the superhero of the digital world!

With its ability to connect with audiences, double conversion rates, and save you 62% on costs compared to traditional marketing, it’s the ultimate marketing sidekick.

But wait, there’s more! Content marketing doesn’t just stop at being a hero—it’s a lead-generating machine, producing 54% more leads than traditional methods. It’s a long-term strategy that delivers an impressive ROI, capturing hearts and wallets at every stage of the buying journey.

And guess what?
Over 60% of users prefer content-slinging companies— lucrative, right? So, get ready with SeekNEO to conquer the digital realm with content marketing as your trusty assistant. It’s time to unleash your inner marketing superhero!

Email marketing

Considering email marketing as one of your primary digital marketing strategies? It’s a no-brainer!

With a jaw-dropping average ROI of 4400% email marketing is like hitting the jackpot with every campaign. Not only does it create 50% more sales than other lead generation methods, but it also proves that people actually dig those promotional emails.

Want to take it up a notch?

Slice and dice your audience, design killer emails, and personalize like a PRO to skyrocket your revenue by up to 760%.

So, if you’re ready to skyrocket your business’s success, it’s time to embrace the power of email marketing.

Social media marketing

In a kingdom where social media is the digital playground for business success, it’s mind-boggling that less than 30% of companies have hopped on the bandwagon.

Talk about a missed opportunity!

What’s even more compelling is that users spend over 25% of their Internet time on social media, making it an ideal platform for connection and engagement. Eventually, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn await your business to make a grand entrance and reach the expansive target audience.

Furthermore, with over 70% of shoppers scrolling through their feeds, looking for that perfect product or service to make their purchase decision, social media has become the holy grail of shopping advice. So, if you also want to be the talk of the town (or the virtual town, to be precise), you need to make sure your brand is present and accounted for on social media.

Think of it as modern-day word-of-mouth but with a digital twist. When people see others raving about your business on social media, it’s like a stamp of approval that says, ‘Hey, these guys are legit!’ It’s the online version of your best friend telling you, ‘Girl, you gotta try this!’

At SeekNEO, we recommend—Get Social! Offer stellar customer service and watch your revenue rise to the top. Because before you know it, you’ll have people flocking to your brand like moths to a virtual flame.

Voice search optimization

Move over keyboards, there’s a new way to interact with our digital devices that are taking the world by storm—voice search! People are falling head over heels for this hands-free, convenient way of finding information. With smartphones and voice-activated speakers becoming ubiquitous, it’s no wonder that voice search is skyrocketing in popularity.

Now, if you’re a business owner or a savvy marketer, you might be wondering, “How can I leverage this trend to boost my company’s online presence?” And why should you care about voice search optimization?

Oh, just because it’s a golden opportunity to reach a massive audience. By optimizing your content for voice search, you’ll be right there, ready to provide answers and solutions to those who are vocally seeking them.

It’s like being the cool, helpful friend who always has the best advice at their fingertips—err, vocal cords.

Being an early adopter of voice search optimization leads to increased traffic from target consumers as your website ranks for featured snippets.

Video Marketing

Lights, camera, conversions!

Video marketing offers a star-studded lineup of video types: instructional, announcement, behind-the-scenes, and event coverage, just to name a few. These videos work their magic by boosting brand awareness, like a social media, email, and content marketing dream team.

This is precisely why video marketing has the potential to boost conversions by a staggering 85%. It’s like having a stunning influencer or a convincing how-to video that seals the deal for potential customers.

And here’s a blockbuster bonus:

Webpages with videos are 53x more likely to claim a prime spot on the first page of search results.

This emphasizes the significance of optimizing your pages with videos to attract higher-quality traffic and generate valuable leads for your business—your business deserves the spotlight!

Ready to explore the digital marketing frenzy?

Digital marketing is the secret weapon for driving new customers and achieving your business goals. It’s a strategy extravaganza, offering a myriad of techniques and approaches at your disposal, from videos that ‘WOW’ to emails that dazzle and social media that sizzles, digital marketing is the ultimate game-changer!

Whether you’re on a quest for increased sales, revenue, awareness, or customer loyalty, the success of your digital marketing master plan relies on the expertise of a true marketing maestro. That’s where SeeKNEO swoops in. Our customized, results-driven digital marketing solutions are ready to save your company and certainly will make your competition quake in their boots.

Don’t wait! Reach out to our award-winning agency today for your personalized strategy. Call us at +91 6364615154 or visit our website to get a free quote and embark on your digital marketing adventure.

It’s time to upgrade 5X sales for your online business and slay!

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