Why You Should Choose Paid Web Hosting!

Why You Should Choose Paid Web Hosting!

The word “Free” seems charming to everyone, it is a delicious dish that everyone wants to taste. Often people are attracted to free products and want to enjoy everything free.

Free can be charming but it does not guarantee the stability and quality of any product or service. Also, there is very little responsibility or liability in free products.

In website hosting there are two main types of services:

a- Free Service
b- Paid Service

In this type of service, you will get free web space to hold your website or blog with no monthly bill. However, this type of service has very basic and limited features to go on. You cannot enjoy special features, customer care, strong servers, guaranteed network uptime, etc.

This type of web hosting can be ideal for a person who is experimenting or learning. You can also share unimportant or unnecessary stuff with your friends and online audience. As clearly mentioned before, it is a type of service that is not very stable and can be closed at any time without any notification. Yahoo closed their free web hosting service leaving hundreds of blogs and thousands of websites with no alternate solution. If you are looking for quality and stability or planning to host a business website, then free service is not the right choice for you.

Paid web hosting offers guaranteed performance to its audience. Unlikely free hosting, paid hosts are much more stable and cheaper with better performance. In this type of service, you can enjoy quality-rich features by paying a couple of dollars per month only.

Paid hosting offers a money-back guarantee to non-satisfied customers and thus ensures the quality of service to its clients. On top of this, you will enjoy rich features at a tiny price.

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Some rich features you may need are:

Fantastico, e-mail addresses, FTP software, customer care, able to upgrade to next level, able to transfer your website with the help of technical support, etc.

These all features are missing in free services and you lose a lot in trying to save few dollars. I would never suggest free service to anyone unless she is experimenting or she does not care about quality.

If you have decided to launch something that is important or something that is useful then you must opt for a cheap web hosting service. Thanks to high competition in the web hosting market, now you can host your blog or website in few dollars easily.

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